Saturday, 17 August 2013


In order to get higher search engine rankings on Google, a lot of people feel that they need to have a lot of backlinks pointing their site. Backlinks are basically links on other peoples websites pointing to another site.

When someone links to another persons website, it shows Google that their website
is worth linking to, and so Google gives it preference for their search engine placements.
The higher the search engine placement, the more publicity a business gets, so a lot of people try hard to get more links to their websites.
Because so many people want links, you can profit on this by acting as an intermediary between people who are willing to sell links and people who are willing to buy them.

In order for you to buy and sell links, here are some steps you can take:
Ø You can look for those who want to buy or sell links in forums of sites which talk about links (Example:
Ø Make yourself aware of the link buying and selling guidelines
Ø Market only valuable links (links that have high Page Rank on Google)
Ø You can also create a website advertising your services.
Ø Start advertising your site on social networks, amongst friends, or via other traffic methods (you can outsource a lot of this to Burn Your To Do List if you dont have the time or knowhow).

How much money can I make out of buying and selling links?
Ø It depends on the amount you charge for connecting people. You can also buy links on your own and then charge people for them, in which you can create your own pricing. You can make anywhere from $1 to $300 for a link, depending on how valuable the site is.


There are a lot of people interested in buying people's sites. They would like to buy sites so that they can own established websites without having to do the work on their own, or they see profit potential on sites, and so on and so forth.
A lot of people would love to sell their sites, too… but dont know how.
As a website broker, you can connect buyers and sellers to each other and take a percentage of the sale for making the introductions.

In order for you to become a website broker, here are some steps you can
Ø Create a website outlining the basics of what you do. As you get buyers and sellers interested, update the website with what buyers are looking for and what sellers have. Dont put sellers site details on your website; otherwise buyers can go around you to bypass your commission. Just put general details.
Ø Start finding people interested in buying or selling their sites. You can find these people by going on existing sites for buying and selling such as,, or Even if people are already listed on one website, it doesnt mean they dont want additional help.
Ø Dont give out site details to buyers until you get them to sign paperwork saying that they wont go around you, sign a noncompeting, and so forth.
Ø When a deal is made; collect a percentage of the profits.

How much can I make out of being a website broker?
Ø You can make anywhere from $100 to the millions of dollars, depending on how valuable a site and/or domain is.

Saturday, 10 August 2013


There are many independent programmers who take a lot of work from clients. There are times when they have too much work to do and can’t take on new projects, and so they have to pass on new jobs.

You can create relationships with these people in order to take their excess work, and then either outsource it or do it yourself.
On the other hand, if you have too much work to handle. You can refer it to other people and charge them fees for your references. No matter which way you decide to do this, you can profit.

In order for you to do a referral exchange, here are some steps you can take:

  • Get yourself registered in referral exchange forums
  • Find people that are able to take last minute work
  • Find people that are in your industry and regularly accepting freelance work
  • Decide on rates that you will pay people that give you work, and rates you will charge for outsourcing work
  • Make sure to do a great job and to only refer people you trust, so that you can continue doing this without worry of hurting your reputation.
How much money can I make out of referral exchange?
The profits will change based on how much you charge for referring work, as well as what you pay people for giving you references. You also have to account for how much you charge to do the actual work. You can easily make $100 a day doing this though, once you build up your partner base.


One of the easiest ways to make money online, if you have a flair for talking, is by forum posting. A lot of webmasters have started hiring people to post on their forums so that their forums look busy and popular. They feel that by making their forums look more popular, they will be able to attract more long-term visitors.

When you‟re posting in forums, all you would have to do is initiate new threads, or respond to existing ones, and keep conversations going. You may do this by posting interesting thoughts, thought-provoking conversation, or teaching people things. 

A cool perk of this job is that you get to learn new things. Also, if you post in forums that you‟re already interested in, you basically get paid to have fun.

In order for you to become a forum poster, here are some steps you can take:

  • Browse through freelancing sites such as,,, etc.
  • Apply for forum posting jobs on those sites
  • Respond back to the buyer on time if you are called for an interview
  • Agree on the pay per post and the deadline
  • Get the job done within the accepted deadline

How much can I make out of forum posting?

For each forum post you make, the general prices range anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50 per post. If you have time to devote to this during the day and are able to make between 200 to 1000 posts (depending on how much your job is worth), then you can earn $100 a day. You can also, of course, do whatever you would like per day and then mix and match with another suggestion from our lists.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Do you have a twitter account (if no, go to to open an account) if yes, we are good to go.

You can do this within 1 hour to 30 mins a day, that means you can add it as extra income maker. It is easy and cool.

What you will do is help company to advertise their product, goods or service online using your twitter account. For your to make money you have many followers and following so that as you tweet people will see it and go for the goods or service. it is easy and cool. 

Go to and sign up a publisher account. Fill the form and submit every details and you are ready make money. You must follow terms and conditions or else you will be expelled or will not make money at all.

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Sunday, 21 July 2013


Do you know that you can make money online through blogging?

What is Blogging?

A blog (a contraction of the words web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

What you need is blog (google blog) and an adsense account.

Go to to open an account with your gmail account (, then write content on what you know of what you like (your passion) or family matter (don’t just build up content, let it make sense) on the blog for at least a week.

Then goto to open an account with your email account, fill the form correctly.

To make money from blogging you need to build traffic to your blog. In blogging there is no food for a lazy man. Here are my tips for making money blogging.

1) Blog about an area you are vast in. i.e. your blog should tap from your knowledge and experience, something that you can do without much effort. Blogging about a familiar topic will also prevent you from copying other people.

2.) Focus your blog on a theme. i.e. your blog must be targeted to a specific area. Do not start an any-thing-goes blog. You should be able to describe your blog in one sentence.

3.) Know your keywords. Since you have focused your blogging to a theme, find keywords that are relevant to the theme of your blog and write articles that make use of such keywords. In case you do not know, keywords are terms people use when they search on search engines.

4.) Every Page must have a purpose and focus on one, two or three keywords. When blogging an article, ask yourself, If I am looking for information contained in this article, what search terms would I have used. You can also ask your friends, which keywords they would have used. Then write your article in such a way as to include those keywords in your article with out disrupting the flow or losing meaning.

5.) Make sure you register your blog in search engines using webmaster tools. I recommend Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Submit your sitemap via the webmaster tools.

6.) Open Twitter and Facebook page for your Blog.

7.) Register with Blog Directories Like Technorati and Afrigator.

8.) In the first 6 months post something new once everyday or at least 5 times a week. Thereafter, blogging three times a week will be okay, but blogging a fresh post daily is ideal. Post quality, keyword-rich and targeted contents. Search engines love content. Give them good content today and they will come back for more tomorrow. The more they love your blog, the more traffic you get.


9.) Make a success of one blog before opening another one. Focus all your effort on one blog. Having lots of blogs all in their infancy stage is very demanding and you may not be able cope. Note that one blog can make more money than ten blogs. What actually count is traffic, not the number of blogs.


10.) Register with Adsense or other advertising network, copy and paste the Ad units on your blog.


11.) If you use Adsense to monetize, never click on your Adsense Ads or violate any of its terms and conditions. I know people whose Adsense accounts have been closed with the income they earned for violating its terms. Although you can still be kicked out for doing nothing. Just try your best.


12.) Do not copy other people's work. Copying other people's work is very easy and may even favour you in the short term, but in the long run your bubble will eventually burst. It also deprive you the opportunity of being an authority or a guru in what you do. Sooner than later everyone will know you are a cheat.

13.) Analyse your site using Google webmaster and Google Analytics tool.

14.) Read, Read, Read. There are lots of information about blogging, SEO, social media, Adsense, Ad placement, etc on the web search Google with any of those keywords to read more

15.) And so on.

Making money from blogging is all about traffic new bloggers should focus on building traffic and less on making money. Build traffic to your blog and money will follow. Building traffic takes time, but with hardwork, persistence and the passion for what you do, you will eventually succeed. Most of the steps provided above are all aimed at building traffic.

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